Web hosting forums are platforms where you can find and participate in in-depth discussions, current hosting related issues and their solutions, and opportunities available in the hosting industry.

If you are a webhoster or web designer and looking for a fresh list of worthy web hosting forums in 2024, where you should invest time and post your products and services so that genuine prospects notices you and your brand and buy from you then you must read this article.

I have listed down name and web link of web hosting forums that are frequented by members and visitors in 2024.


This is a good web hosting forum for webhosters, web designers, programmers, and a discussion point for users of web hosting services. This forum is free from banner advertisements and appear less crowdy.

Features: Dedicated offer sections. Signature with link of your website. 3 to 4 posts per day. Absolutely free no charges at all.

LowEndTalk is a very popular web hosting forum with millions of members and frequent visitors. This is a place where you find lots of deals related to web hosting which are not available elsewhere.

Read their rules before posting and avoid unnecessary ban.

Features: They run a massive thread where different companies post offers and discounts starting from Black Friday and continue till the end of Christmas.

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LetsHostTalk is another web hosting forum where you can find some meaningful discussions related to web hosting and web designing. Joining this forum is easy and yes you should read the rules before you start posting.

Features: Special sticky thread for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that gives you opportunity to offer discount to English speaking users from countries like US & UK.


ForumWeb has gained popularity among webmasters in a very short period of time and it worth joining this growing web hosting forum.

Their membership starts from $45 although it is free to join and post in all the sections except few reserved for premium members. Start from introducing yourself and follow their posting rules.

Features: The grid pattern like design of the forum with images and bold headings makes it user friendly. Banner ads of different sizes and places can be bought with budget friendly charges.

Web hosting talk forum is one of the largest web and cloud hosting community. You can participate in various discussions in different sections of the forum. You can also advertise your web hosting, design, or any other product related to web hosting in Marketplace section of the forum.

Joining is not that easy and fast as rest of the above forums and it may take 1 whole week before you get any response.

Features: Paid advertisement options like banner ads, sticky posts, etc. are available. Although banner ads are costlier and out of reach for most of the medium hosting companies, you can post your advertisements in forums’ marketplace section free of cost.

FreeWebspace Forum:

This forum is dedicated to owners of web hosting companies who can discuss different aspects of running a web hosting company. But any one can join this forum and participate without paying anything.

Just like other web hosting forums, FreeWebspace has different sections pertaining to different aspects of web hosting industry.

Features: As name of the forum suggests there are special sections for free web hosting offered by different web hosting providers.

At FreeWebspace is dedicated to web hosting related discussions only, and you won’t find separate section for cloud hosting related discussion.


vpsBoard forum is a webhoster’s forum for all things web hosting from shared, cloud, vps to dedicated and beyond.

Features: You can indulge in hosting and web designing related discussions and also post your ads in different sub-sections of marketplace section without any charge.

HostSearch Forums

It is a Web hosting forum you should also join as a webhoster or web designer. You can post your web hosting related stuff in different sections of the forum and also advertisement of product free of cost.

Features: Its is one of the least regulated forums which is both good and bad for a participant. Good because you can freely post your stuff without any fear of getting banned and bad because of spams and off the topic content.

But just like any other hosting forum you need to register free of cost before you can start posting.

TheWebHostBiz Forum

It is similar to hostsearch forum and I think both are run by the same people. Just register on their website and start participating.


LowEndSpirit or LES is a forum centered around the hosting industry and worth joining. To join this forum you need to register first and then start with reading their rules thread at the top of the forum section.

Features: The forum has different categories where you can start discussions, post your hosting related offers and requests free of cost. Also you won’t see distracting banner ads here.


All of the above listed forums are active by the time of writing this post and are frequented by their members and visitors to the best of my knowledge therefore it is worth joining these forums if you are any how related with hosting industry.

For active participation in any of the forums from the list, you need to register first. You can also create your profile with logo, signatures, with backlink to your website.

It is advisable to read and follow their rules and avoid unnecessary ban. Just play by their rules and enjoy your participation.

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