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1 How to Download Backup using cPanel? View Demo
2 How to generate a cPanel backup and send it to FTP Server? View Demo
3 How to restore a backup in cPanel? View Demo
4 How to change Account password in cPanel? View Demo
5 How to update your contact information in cPanel? View Demo
6 How to change the style in cPanel? View Demo
7 How to change language in cPanel? View Demo
8 How to upload files via the cPanel File Manager? View Demo
9 How to create a new file or folder in cPanel File Manager? View Demo
10 How to Edit file in the cPanel File Manager? View Demo
11 How to edit .ht(Hypertext) access file through cPanel File Manager? View Demo
12 How to check disk usage of directory and bandwidth usage? View Demo
13 How to create Cronjob via cPanel? View Demo
14 How to edit or delete Cronjob via cPanel? View Demo
15 Learn how to change the PHP version on your domain using cPanel? View Demo
16 How to Reset the PHP Version to the Default Version, Using cPanel? View Demo
17 How to Set the PHP Version per Domain using cPanel? View Demo
18 How to Set the PHP Version per Folder? View Demo
19 How to add A Record in cPanel using DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
20 How to add an MX Record in cPanel using DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
21 How to edit or delete MX Record in cPanel using the DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
22 How to add CNAME Record in cPanel using the DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
23 How to edit or delete CNAME Record in cPanel using the DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
24 How to edit or delete a Record in cPanel using the DNS Zone Editor? View Demo
25 How to Create an Additional Web Disk Account in cPanel? View Demo
26 How to Access cPanel Web Disk? View Demo
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. How can I Integrate these videos?

- After purchasing, We will send you a SQL File with the installation guide for the purchased series. You can host the purchased videos on various platforms such as YouTube (Free), Vimeo, AWS S3, etc. If you require, We can also upload it for you without any additional charges.

Q2. Do these tutorial videos contain your website name/brand name?

- No, We do not mention our company name in our videos. When you purchase our videos, we add a logo of your company to the purchased videos. To see the list and demo of the available videos, Scroll up and click on the collapse span of the any of the series you wish see and find the link for View Demo.

Q3. Can I install this on any Billing Software?

- Currently, We provide integration for WHMCS, Blesta, ClientExec, HostBill, SupportPal, WISECP and WordPress.

Q4. Will these tutorial videos affect my existing articles or videos on my support website?

- No. These videos will not affect any of the articles/videos existing anywhere on your hosting website.

Q5. I don't know how to install videos on server or I have no prior experience of video streaming.

- You don't need any prior knowledge of video installation or video tutorial integration in your website. These Videos are compatible on any platform and come with an integration file and an installation guide. With help of these two files you would be able to easily install and integrate the tutorial videos in your support website. We also provide requisite help and ensure complete installtion and smooth functioning of the tutorials.

Q6. How can I upload 100s of videos on my YouTube channel. Is there any upload limit on YouTube?

- You can upload up to 10 videos (Unverified channel) or 15 videos (Verified Channel) at a time. Just wait for a few seconds and 10/15 videos will be uploaded and then upload 10/15 videos again. By repeating this upload process You can upload any number of demotiger videos in few minutes.

Q7. If my client opens a video tutorial on my Knowledgebase website, will he remain on the website or will be redirected to my YouTube Channel where the videos are hosted?

- He will remain on your knowledgebase website itself as video will be played on the same page in a window.

Q8. How much time it will take to process my order?

- 12 to 24 hours. You will receive video files within 12 to 24 hours with an installtion guide. You can upload tutorial videos on server and integrate them with your support website.

Q9. Do you have a refund policy?

- We do not provide a refund on this product; however, before purchasing our Videos, You can check our demo videos and a list of all the videos. Don't worry, you won't require a refund.