WHMCS VPS Reseller API Module automates your VPS reseller management.

DemoTiger WHMCS VPS Reseller API allows your reseller to resell your product to their end-users without human interference at each stage. It functions at the WHMCS level, including your billing system and the billing system of your resellers.


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Get more VPS customers by VPS Reseller API.

Make VPS resellers who can resale your VPS products and their website. Increase your VPS hosting growth.

iconProvide your own VPS Reseller API.

iconMake your VPS Reseller Program increase sales drastically.

iconSecure API.

iconAlmost automated installation & configuration.

iconIt supports fully-automated reseller signup & activation process.


Full features of our VPS Reseller Module

  • Create/terminate reseller API access.
  • Modify/edit reseller API IP Address, API Keys.
  • Provide a free/paid API signup program for resellers.
  • Automatically assign resellers to the pre-defined group.
  • A reseller end user can upgrade/downgrade the plan.
  • Two layers of security, No direct access to inbuilt WHMCS API.
  • Fully automated process.
  • Support Create, Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, Renew VPS.
  • Fund deducts from your reseller's account, and therefore your reseller needs to maintain a credit balance.
  • Secure API system.
  • It supports most of the VPS management software such as SolusVM, Virtualizor, etc.
  • API Integration module for your reseller with an easy installation guide.
  • Grow your business. Most of the big companies provide API modules for reselling their VPSs.
  • Much more...


Version: 1.0 - Release Date: 19/10/2021


Q1. What is the Price of the WHMCS VPS Reseller API System?
- Price starts from $59.

Q2. What is the price of a Full Source Code?
- $525 with free update & support.

Q3. What is the price of a One-Time license(Encrypted Code)?
- $225 with free update & support.

Q4. How Many domains can you cover after the purchase of a Source Code License?
- 3 Domains. But you can use the license for your domains only, and it is not allowed to sell or rent to someone else.

Q5. What is the price of Update/Support after 12 months for a VPS Reseller API Source Code License?
- Free.

Q6. Setup Time for Regular License?
- Instant for Normal Yearly License

Q7. Is Software Code Encoded?
- Yes. The Source Code is Encoded with IonCube to prevent abuse. However, If you need Source Code, you can purchase the "Full Source Code" Module.

Q8. Can I Change my Domain?
- If you purchase Regular Yearly License (Encoded Code), you can change it from our client area. But If you purchase the source code, then please inform us about the changes.

Q9. Demo/Trial is Available?
- Yes, you can try it. Place an order for a trial license.

Q10. Which Version of WHMCS is supported?
- v7 to 8.x Latest but recommended version is the latest version of WHMCS.


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  • The setup process is instant.