DemoTiger - Terms of Service

1. We do not provide videos without your brand/logo. If you placed an order without providing a logo, we can use your company or website name as a logo. For example, if your company name is examplehost, we will write it down as "ExampleHost" or with whichever style you prefer to use on your website.

2. Do not alter/modify/temper the videos. If you want to change it, just contact us.

3. Do not distribute or resale it without our written permission.

4. We do not provide a refund on purchased products. Once we deliver your product, we will not offer a refund so we request you to try our 15 free videos plan before purchasing.

5. You are allowed to use our Video KB only on one domain. For more than one domain you need to purchase an additional license for each domain.

6. If you are our reseller/partner then you agree to not provide our product without purchasing it from us.

7. We do not provide a refund of credits such as when you add funds to our partner/reseller program.

6 Months Guarantee - Free Updated videos for updated software up to six months from the date of purchase.

Note: We reserve the right to take legal action should you violate our Terms.