Alternatives to whmcs:

Alternatives to whmcs are widely available and we have brought up the best ones for you. Hopefully, you are already using WHMCS and are dissatisfied with its features and price. You are looking to switch to a new hosting billing management program, or you are simply curious about your alternatives to WHMCS when it comes to hosting billing applications. With WHMCS you have different options like you can buy Branded Videos of cPanel from that can be integrated with WHMCS. You may even get custom branded videos for the hosting company.


Whatever your goal is, you’ve come to the right place to find the best WHMCS alternatives in 2022.

Some of the apps mentioned below are open source and free. In contrast, others are explicitly developed to target SMB and full-fledged businesses and provide all of the functionality you’d expect from a billing program. There are various plugs and modules for WHMCS however, you need to use the open-source billing software. Here is a list of 6 alternatives to WHMCS.


1. WHMCS – (Paid)

It’s not a WHMCS substitute, but rather WHMCS itself; we figured we’d start with it because, if you’re unfamiliar with it, you should first become acquainted with WHMCS. It’s difficult to find fault with them in that regard as well. The app can handle multiple currencies.


2. Blesta – (Paid)


When it comes to safe hosting billing management software, few can compete with BLESTA’s standard. This is, once again, an automated approach. There is also a ticket system built into the app, eliminating the need for something different from your website.
The way you can handle clients via BLESTA is the real standout feature. There are client profile pages that allow you to easily modify different aspects of their details. Because of how developer-friendly the app is, new features are continuously being introduced to it. Therefore Blesta is one of the best alternatives to whmcs.

WHMCS vs Blesta:

WHMCS provides a better interface for the control panel, registrar and payment gateway, and detailed reports. However it needs improvement in invoicing features, email management, currency options and spam control.  On the other hand Blesta has a better dashboard for multiple hosting businesses and offers more billing options. Its brief reports and poor email management options may leave you unsatisfied. Although Blesta is cheaper than WHMCS, both are priced higher as far as their overall features and interface are concerned.


3. HostBill – (Paid)

Over 1000 enterprise customers currently use Host Bill. When a billing system receives this much attention, you know it’s going to be fine. Over 500 separate applications, order pages, and so on can be combined with Host Bill.
It can be used to build cPanel accounts. You should incorporate it into your software. It is also extremely easy to use and it is possible because of its interactive interface. I am creating a hostbill demo to show how easy it is to login and use this api.

Hostbill Pricing: This is a low-cost alternative that require onetime payment. You are given with a lifetime license for one time payment. Although hostbill offers 4 different packages to choose from and also a 30 days money back guarantee to new users, one of the drawback is there in no monthly or yearly subscription payment option available so far. But in long run it is far cheaper than WHMCS and will provide you with a lot of assistance from the support staff if you get into a mess.

How to install Hostbill: To install hostbill api, you need to sign up for any of their available packages and follow the instructions.

Hostbill nulled: You can find sites having nulled license of hostbill enterprise 10 version. But it is not good or safe to trust these websites. Better look for hostbill promo code for discount or even you can get hostbill license for sale from an hosbill client on google or web hosting forums.


4. Bill Manager – (Free/Paid)

Bill manager is whmcs free alternative. If you want to reduce your company’s bills on apps, the BILL manager might be the best alternative to WHMCS. It provides invoicing features, payment options, and include most of the popular payment gateways. There is also a function built into the app that allows you to handle and suspend hosting automatically. There is also a client portal for the truly “hands-off” approach, which means you rarely have to communicate with your clients.

The free version is for a limited number (50) of clients. Which is quite low for a hosting provider. Therefore, check its prices and features before you choose Bill Manager as an alliterative to whmcs. The free version is indeed a billing software for small business.


5. BOX Billing – (Free/Paid)

Box billing is open source whmcs alternative. Once you’ve installed and configured everything, you just need to copy a single piece of code onto your website. One of the reasons many hosting providers adore BOX billing is that it is one of the most flexible hosting billing management pieces available.


6. UberSmith – (Paid)

Uber Smith is a small business, but it is already having an impact in the industry.  You will be able to set up usage-based Billing from inside Uber Smith. Payments can be automated. You have the option of sending out quotations.

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