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    Vanillicons are avatars that are unique to your name or email address. They are free to use. Integrate Vanillicon with your XenForo. Our plugin is well-documented and easy to install.

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Features & Other Details

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    Unique Avatars for Your XenForo Forum

    Our plugin sets unique avatars for XenForo user profiles that do not have any avatars. It does not affect custom avatars.
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    Make Your Forum More Active and Engaging

    A forum without avatars or default avatars looks boring. However, with Vanillicon, your forum becomes attractive and lively.
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    Easy to Integrate with XenForo

    The plugin file comes with full documentation, which includes a step-by-step installation guide and other details.
  • Automatically Set Avatars for New Users

    If your new forum user does not set any avatar, it will automatically assign a Vanillicon avatar to the new user.
  • Cron Job System

    The cron job runs at specific intervals to check if there are any users left without avatars. You do not need to do anything to set up the cron job.
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    Vanillicon is completely free. Our company, DemoTiger, is a separate entity, and we are not affiliated with Vanillicon or XenForo.


    Vanillicon Avatars on XenForo Forum's Index Page

    Forum Members Using Vanillicon

    Automation: Cron Job System

    Vanillicon Avatar for New Users


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