WHMCS is the leading client management platform for those who build cash from reseller hosting, and it isn’t exhausting to ascertain why. With all the domains and client accounts you have got to stay track of, the options offered by Monster host’s WHMCS so much outmatch the competition.

The name WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete answer. It handles everything you wish to line up to run your reseller hosting business, as well as signup, billing, support, hosting packages, domain registration, and payment gateways. In a nutshell, WHMCS is that the automation platform simplifies every single facet of your reseller hosting business.


WHMCS may be a content management system for net hosting resellers. It’s additionally a complete e-commerce tool you’ll use to sell a product.

1. The Admin Area:
WHMCS comes with a handy body space wherever you’ll manage multiple purchasers and services. You’ll add purchasers to the present interface, manage hosting packages, and assemble general settings.
Likewise, the executive functions in WHMCS measure machine-driven. The administrator will management asking cycles, domain renewals, and client invoices at regular intervals.

2. The Client Area:
WHMCS provides your customers with a “client space,” wherever they’ll log in to manage products and services they need to be purchased from you. Your customers may submit requests for technical support through this interface. The shopper space covers nearly any net hosting service you would like to produce.

3. Providing Customer Support:
WHCMS comes with a support ticketing system that enables your customers to contact you with support requests through the client space. The support settings additionally manage however you’ll write and publish SEO-friendly mental object articles. The documents you’ll post here cover appropriate to your peculiar hosting plan and cut loose the formal WHMCS product documentation. WHMCS offers an easy-to-use client portal. This suggests your purchasers will supervise their accounts by viewing the services they’ve bought from you and managing their invoices and support tickets. The additional work your purchasers will do on their own, the less work you wish to try to do as a hosting reseller.

4. Package Building:
Using WHMCS suggests that you will not have to be compelled to produce every single purpose of online sale, client interface, extra feature, and resource for every new cPanel account separately. Instead, you will deliver WHM packages and supply these to your customers. to boot, once you build cash from reseller hosting, one of the most significant pains within the neck comes with packages for your customers. If you are not careful, you may find yourself boxes that look thus similar that it isn’t clear even to you why customers ought to hassle paying additional for one package than for one more. Another nightmare of package building is that typically, you end making your package solely to search out that there is some resource you haven’t expressly allotted to any package that confuses and frustrates your customers without stopping. With WHMCS, you will never build any of these mistakes once more. Once you use the “Products/Services” page, you’ll scrutinize your packages to confirm there is not an excessive amount of overlap between your boxes which there are not any unallocated resources. This way, you’ll assure all of your customers that they are obtaining worth for cash.

5. Automated Billing System:
This is, in all probability, the feature that hosting resellers appreciate the foremost. The whole purpose of reselling net hosting is that it is an excellent way to create passive financial gain. The other machine-driven asking system, the additional effortlessly you’ll accumulate your wealth.

It’s integrated with all the critical payment gateways: Customers square measure notoriously suspicious regarding deed their sensitive data with payment gateways they’ve never detected before. WHMCS is combined with the most prominent names in payment gateways, which implies your customers will be mistreated payment gateways they already recognize and trust.

  • Easy PDF invoices: you’ll use WHMCS to form professional-looking PDF invoices to send to your customers.
  • Payment informers: mechanically remind your customers once their payments due and send owed notices for unsuccessful payments.
  • Off-site gateways: If you do not wish to travel through the effort of obtaining compliance with PCI, you’ll collect payments mistreatment PayPal and 2CheckOut.
  • Multi-currency capabilities: does one have customers from everywhere in the world? No problem! You’ll use our platform to bill and invoice your customers in multiple currencies.
  • Coupons and Promotions: Discounts and promotions got easier. The WHMCS helps you produce promo codes with specific criteria and provides fastened or percentage-based discounts.
  • Late fees: With WHMCS, you’ll mechanically apply fastened or percentage-based late fees.
  • Email notifications: WHMCS gives you email confirmations for every bill and payment!


6. Automated Domain Management:
WHMCS offers you everything you wish to sell domains, as well as name suggestions and a self-service management dashboard for your purchasers. This is fantastic news for your sales conversions. Once your purchasers concerning about shopping for a website, WHMCS offers intelligent suggestions for permanently domain names, creating it additional doubtless that they’re going to shop at least one half and infrequently cause sales for multiple domains!

Pricing of WHMCS:

WHMCS offers two monthly setups – a Starter set up and a and plan. They provide a starter set up that prices $15.95/month, and a and set up that prices $18.95. each way will support up to 250 purchasers.
Are you irresolute to do out WHMCS? All their plans go with thirty days money-back guarantee. Avail of a 30-day money-back guarantee, and be happy to do out WHMCS.

WHMCS Module:

A WHMCS module may be a third-party add-on integrated into WHMCS to feature further practicality to the panel or mix with another service.
With a WHMCS module, resellers of the servers will modify the order method or enable resellers to feature the server management functions into the shopper space. WHMCS module is that the best thanks to expanding upon the already intensive practicality of the panel.

Paid alternatives to WHMCS:

When it involves net hosting management, there are several alternatives to WHMCS furthermore. Beyond question, it’s the foremost widespread, however different choices embrace Blesta and Client exec. Best offers a monthly branded set up for $12.95/month associated with an unbranded set up for $14.95/month. This platform is cheaper than WHMCS. Despite that, several users like WHMCS over Blesta as its modules aren’t ample for their wants.

Free alternatives to WHMCS:

Although WHMCS is cheap and wide employed by the central net hosting corporations, there are some free alternatives. Here are some widespread ones.


  • Box billingit is a freemium software package with some glorious options. Free Version is appropriate for tiny net hosting corporations. However, you’ll own the premium version with no restrictions by paying a small quantity of $5.95 per month. Here is that the demo of Box Billing.
  • TheHostingTool – This is yet another net hosting asking software package with glorious options. This software package is free.
  • ZBilling – With a lovely layout, ZBilling may be a freemium tool with all the essential options you wish. Except for the free setup, you’ll obtain the premium license at $9.90.


WHMCS has unmatched options besides an attractive support community (which is that the core benefit). Except for that, WHMCS includes a vital edge over all others in terms of security, which should be your primary concern.

Why Not Use Nulled WHMCS?

Using Nulled WHMCS has some risks related to it. In progress, security updates, changed code, and in some cases, malware injected into the nulled versions end in the lack to produce security-associated reliable hosting.

Can you use WHMCS on Shared Hosting?

It is suggested to use WHMCS on VPS Server or a dedicated server. The WHMCS module will handle all money transactions, new order payments, owed asking and notices, renewals and cancellation requests, and several different options and set up upgrades and downgrades, admin practicality (password resets), and metrics.



WHMCS makes it a breeze to modify your net hosting business. With its intuitive style and outstanding options, it’s no surprise there are numerous rave reviews from resellers’ mistreatment of WHMCS! To contour your reseller hosting business, add it to your arsenal of hosting tools today!


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