Are you looking for Blesta modules? There are some popular Blesta modules that we bring to you. If you have business and use Blesta you need addons that can help you in content marketing, brand building, client handling, visitors tracking, and promotional campaigning. Blesta is a popular billing system created to bill and manage bills. This is the software that freelancers, hosting providers, and repeat service sellers need. Blesta modules/add-ons are helpful when you need an extended arm to handle functioning and marketing of your business.

Five of the most popular modules for Blesta

Blesta is adaptive to third-party developers thanks to its powerful add-on system. With that in mind, here are five of the most popular Blesta add-ons. Each of them supports Blesta’s adaptation to the real needs of its users.



  • How-to videos on highly searched terms.
  • They use your brand logo in videos and put them on your website.
  • Videos can be hosted for free on YouTube as well as on AWS, or Server.
  • Integration with all popular billing software, WordPress, etc.
  • Hundreds of videos drive traffic to your website.
  • Improve the SEO of your website.
  • Build your own knowledge-base/support website.

This is an addon with a high level of integration with Blesta Knowledgebase. This addon provides various kinds of video tutorials for companies engaged in web hosting. Various kinds of video tutorials provided are supported by human voice audio. DemoTiger has proven to be able to improve the SEO of its users’ websites and so far it has been used by so many companies selling repeat services such as hosting services. Every video supported by DemoTiger can be hosted on YouTube for free as well as on AWS and the user’s website server.




  • Ready-made articles for support website.
  • Step by step text-based tutorials with Images.
  • Support WHMCS, Blesta, SupportPal, HostBillApp and WordPress.
  • Fully automated installation process.
  • Improve the SEO of your website.
  • Reduce your support tickets.

This is an add-on that provides tons of articles (455 and more in the future) for web hosting companies. Just like DemoTiger, it also integrates well with Blesta Knowledgebase. With this addon, you will never be short of text content on the official website of your service. Getting various readymade articles is as easy as moving your mouse. The PreMadeKB subscription fee is quite affordable, around $41, and the subscription renewal costs only around $15.


IP Login History


  • Track the login IP addresses of your clients.
  • Shows other accounts that have ever logged in from the same IP.
  • Shows list of logins at the Client summary page.
  • Module works with Blesta v5 and above.
  • You can export of all logins.
  • Detect fraud easier.

This addon integrates with Blesta to track the login IP of all clients. IP login tracking is useful for detecting the location of the client’s origin, fulfilling law enforcement requests, and of course, minimizing the risk of fraud. However if you as Blesta admin use “Log in as Client”, your login IP will not be recorded. As a recurring service provider, you really need this add-on to prevent duplicate accounts from entering your service system. All login records can be viewed using the Client Summary Page, a new widget from IP Login History.


Credit Awards


  • Give your clients credit rewards for purchasing select services.
  • Various currency options are available.
  • Rewards can be in terms of percentage or a fixed amount.
  • A source code is required to install this plugin.
  • Motivate clients to make more purchases.

This addon allows you to reward your clients for their activity in your service system, for example when they buy certain services and for a certain duration. By using Credit Awards properly, you can motivate your clients to make certain purchases. Thus it is expected that sales turnover will be controlled, as well as the level of customer satisfaction.


Client Area Popups


  • Custom pop-ups for your website.
  • Predefined Styles that help you compose pop ups quickly.
  • Set delay time for appearance.
  • Set restrictions, frequency, size, and more.
  • 7-Day free access for trial.

This is an add-on that helps service site managers to create various kinds of pop-ups in several popular formats such as images, videos, or just HTML text. It is well-known by many online marketers that pop-ups are one of the most effective means of short promotions. As a service site manager, with Client Area Popup you have the ability to create various informative pop-ups along with running pop-up settings such as limiting the number of views, showing previews, selecting styles, and so on.



Blesta is a modern solution for billing recurring service usage fees such as web hosting services. With Blesta, there are no more difficulties in managing bills including sending bills and giving gifts to those who are orderly in paying. As a billing system, Blesta is facilitated by several add-ons that are proven to provide convenience for managers and repeat service users. The five add-ons above are the most popular and are considered the best to support Blesta’s performance in billing.

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