Web Hosting Tools:

Web hosting tools are software used by web hosting service providers to run and manage web hosting services efficiently. Web hosting tools automates different web hosting processes such as account management, billing, resource allocation, and marketing of hosting products.

Web hosting software platforms such as Linux and Ngix, web hosting control panels such as cPanel and DirectAdmin, web hosting billing management tools such as WHMCS and Blesta, web hosting marketing tools DemoTiger and PremadeKB are examples of some popular web hosting tools.

If you are running a web hosting company you may already be using some of these web hosting tools. Knowledge like features and functions about these tools can help you choose the best set of tools in minimum cost for your business In this peace of article I will try to include useful information about as much as tools as possible.


Web Hosting Marketing Tools:

To keep growing in this competitive market and to cover the cost of doing business you need regular new clients at least for the first year of your business journey. Marketing tools like DemoTiger, PremadeKB, Mailchimp help you win new clients from different type of digital platforms using different ways of digital marketing.

To use these tools you need not to learn marketing tricks as these tools are easy to use and businesses with limited money and least knowledge of digital marketing world can use them.

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DemoTiger home

DemoTiger is a web hosting marketing tool that uses custom videos for winning clients for your hosting company. Hundreds of How-to videos that have high search volume on video platforms like YouTube, FB, Twitter, advertise your brand and bring potential prospects for you.


Premadekb home

PreMadeKB is a popular web hosting tool that is used by most of the web hosting companies to build their knowledge base website. 400+ hosting related technical articles bring people looking to resolve their web hosting related queries on your website. Now you can understand why it is popular tool among web hosts.


Pabbly is a web hosting tool for email marketing. This tool is a complete solution for taking care of your email marketing campaigns. Its free version allow you to send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers which is enough for a new hosting provider to begin with.


Web Hosting Billing Management Tools:

Billing management tools automates the process of invoicing, payment, and maintains account of clients. You need not to do these payment related tasks manually as all the work is done by single billing management tool.


WHMCS is a popular billing and web hosting management tool that automates most of the web hosting processes like new signups, invoicing, account management, and much more. Know what is WHMCS and how you can use it in detail.  Although, whmcs is a paid billing management tool there are also free alternatives to whmcs with limited features.


Blesta is another popular billing management tool that you can consider for automating your billing and client management processes.


Web Hosting Control Panels:

Web hosting control panel works as an intermediary between hosting users and their website and account on server. This tool is a graphical interface that allows users manage their hosting accounts and services online.


Ajenti is a free web hosting control panel that performs number of server tasks. It is an open source tool developed with Python and AngularJS and works with Linux based systems. Another good thing about this tool is that users don’t require advanced knowledge of Linux distributions.


cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel due to its variety of features. Although it is bit costlier but have responsive interface design that allow users perform various tasks related to domain, website, and data on server.


Web Servers:

A web server is a combination of software and hardware that uses protocols such as HTTP to display website content. It responds to user requests made over the World Wide Web through web browsers. It displays requested website content to users by storing, processing and delivering web pages.


Apache is a free and open source web server that works as a gateway between website data and web browser. This open source HTTP server works with almost all of the modern operating systems like Windows and UNIX.


Nginx, pronounced as Engine X, is considered the second most used web server after Apache. It is also free and open source software. This web server is also conmanly used as reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP server.



Each of the web hosting tools mentioned above has different features and can do different things. It is up to you to decide which set of tools can best meet the needs of your company. You may already know about some of these tools.

All the tools are best in their class and famous among web hosting providers due to their features and functions. If you come across any of the tools for the first time, you must explore and make yourself aware of it.

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